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How to Create A Mockup in Canva

Ever wondered how to showcase your designs, digital products, and artwork using device mock-ups, but you don’t want to take the time to dive into the learning curve of complicated platforms?

I may just have an easy way for you to achieve that. (because who doesn’t want it easy, right?

As a brand designer, design mock-ups are super important to my business. It is my way of presenting to my clients the different design concepts, sample graphics, and digital products that I create for them. For this blog post, I am going to focus on device mock-ups. (I will have a separate post talking about another hack/integration that Canva has for mock-ups).


Although, I normally use photoshop but sometimes, I want something quick and easy and that’s where Canva comes in.

What are device mock-ups?

Think about putting your designs on an ipad, smartphone, desktop, or a laptop. A mock-up is a realistic prototype of a product. Now, for a mock-up newbie, you might be wondering how to use them for your business. 

Here are some ways you can use a mock-up for your business:

  • Showcase and promote your 


  • Promote your digital products

  • Ad graphics for your coaching program, lead magnet, PDF Document

  • Display printable products on your website and so much more!

Let's jump right into creating your mockup

Step 1- Log in to Canva account (free or paid)

Step 2- Create custom dimensions. For a mock-up, I normally use 1800px x 1400px but you can also create your own dimension

Step 3- In the right hand side of your screen, go to >Elements and look for the Frame Category

Step 4- When you see the “Frames”, > Click on See All (gear or the ellipsis icon) and scroll down to look for the devices. 


Shortcut tip:  Bypass step 4 by going to the search bar above when you click on Elements and type in “frames” to pull up all the frames.

Step 5- Choose the device that you want to use. (Ipad, Deskptop, Laptop,etc)

Step 6- Once you have selected the device, drag and drop the PNG file of your design. (note, that if you have a PDF document designed in Canva, you need to produce the PNG file by downloading it as PNG.)

Step 7- Do the necessary tweaking, edits, and branding. 

Step 8- You’re set to go. Download the mockup file as a png and use it. 

Isn’t it a time-saver? Well, here’s another one that will save you time- Canva-ready template links that I created just for you to help you save time and do more.

Download these free mockup scenes, pre-created for you and use them right away to showcase your designs. 


I am so excited to see what you have created! 


Till’ next design hack. 

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