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How to Create A Compelling Brand Identity

Branding is more than just your logo. A logo design is actually just a small piece of the whole branding picture. By definition, Branding encompasses the foundation of your brand. Visual Branding or  Visual Identity as other industry experts would call it is just one but equally essential part which makes up your BRAND.


By having a cohesive brand identity, you are helping your audience understand your business more. Remember that audience, nowadays, are very visual. To be able to communicate your brand’s message and represent your business at a more personal level, you need to speak to your customers. One very effective way of doing this is to have a polished, cohesive, and compelling brand identity. 


You see, branding is more than just the pretty graphics and the glittery logo. Your visual identity is your own unique mark or signature which makes your brand recognizable. BUT, to make it work for your marketing efforts, it should be aligned with the strategy that you already have in place.
A few steps that you can take to create an aligned identity:

  1. GET TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS – What is your business all about? What do you offer?
  2. GET TO KNOW YOUR COMPETITION – Who are tight competitors? What makes them successful? What do you think they are doing that makes it work?
  3. WHO ARE YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS? – Where do you ideal clients hang out? What do they like?

Your Business

Get to know what the core values of your business are. You maybe offerring the same services but there is something unique with how you are trying to deliver quality and reliability to your offers. 

Your Competition

Getting to know them is like getting to know which works and which would fail. While I don’t recommend watching your competitors all the time. It is healthy to periodically check on them to catch up on trends and standards that you may have miss. Consider your competition as your inspiration. but DO NOT COPY them.

Your Clients

This is the stage where you should try to find out more about your ideal clients. Create a game plan on how you can communicate with them in a personable way.

How to Create A Brand Identity for Your Business
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I created a free resource around this which details the exact process that my clients go through when they work with me for Branding and Web Design. 

Brand Identity Guide