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One way of maximizing Canva’s capabilities to level up your visuals is by using some of its available integrations. One of my go-to Canva integrations is the Smartmockup integration. 


Smartmockups is a browser-based tool that allows you to create stunning mockups. And now, recently it announced their recent integration with Canva (woohoo). (

(If you haven’t signed up with any of them yet, you can check sign up for Canva here and for Smartmockups on this link.)


So, here is how you can quickly use Smartmockups for your design mockups.

1. In your Canva account, select which design/file .

2. Once you opened up your file, on the upper right-hand corner of your Canva screen, click on the arrow button beside the “Download” option. 

3. Click on “Show More” and scroll down a bit to find the Smartmockups option.

4. Once you click on the “Smartmockups” option, it will ask you to choose which page (if you have multiple pages in your design that you want to use for your mockups. 

5. You will be routed to”View in Smartmockups”.

6. From there, you can select which type of mockup you want to choose. ( Device, book, screen mockups, and so on.)

7. After deciding which type of mockup, it will bring to the editing page where you can play around with the alignment and customizations.

8. Once your happy with how it’s turning out, you can either “download”  it  or Save it in your Smartmockups account by clicking on the save button.

How to use Canva with Smartmockups

To see how I did it in action, watch the full video tutorial here:​

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Disclaimer:I am not paid to write this post. I have been using Canva since 2016, and this tool has been a big part of my then freelance career and now, my business. Canva serves a greater purpose for us business owners and that’s why we (I) love it. 


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