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4 Reasons Why You Need a Logo for your Business

If you are serious about growing a business in this online space, you don’t only need to have a message but you need to have that face, that face is your logo. That face is your visual branding. This will serve as the medium of your client’s first encounter with your brand. And to make sure you have that first impression that leaves a mark that your clients can’t ignore, you need a strong logo.


To be able to do that, you need to start on the right track which is, defining rock-solid brand identity. It is very important not to skip this step in order for you to come up with a logo that truly represents you and your business. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should have one

1. A compelling logo makes the first impression last. If you have a logo, you use it everywhere, from your website to social media channels and even your branded print assets like business cards, promo flyers, and more. Think about the emotions that your clients will feel when they see your logo first. Will it amuse them? Will it intrigue them? Or will it convince them to email you and inquire about your services? That initial encounter you have right there will impact the overall buyer’s journey along the way.

2. It completes your brand identity. You may have heard it most of the time from other people who say, “It’s more than just a logo”. Yes, it’s definitely true. Your logo is a part of your brand identity which is created based on the very foundations of your brand story. Branding works by putting together an effective branding strategy, this strategy will not be complete without your brand identity (which is your logo and your other branded visual assets). 

3. This is where number 3 comes in. Your logo is part of your sales funnel. A funnel, from the word itself, helps you take a new follower or audience into their buyer’s journey. Now imaging creating a strategy for that funnel without establishing an identity first for your brand. That identity involves your logo, coupled with your marketing strategy.

4. It sets you apart. If you think about making an impact, you have to think about how you can set yourself apart from the crowded space of the online business nation. And what a better way to kickstart that, is to have a logo that is uniquely created for you. Your logo (when designed strategically is the fine line that sets you apart from your competition

You see now why logo design is important to online business and why you would often hear, “Your brand is more than just a logo”.  But like what I always say, if it isn’t possible for you at this point to have one created for you, that doesn’t mean you have to put a pause on that great business idea of yours. There are options out there that can get you started on the right door when it comes to this matter. 


You can also download my free resource THE BRAND IDENTITY COLLECTIVE if you are looking for a more guided way through this process.

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